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Achieve a healthy mind / body balance.

NLP Insights is dedicated to supporting and encouraging women to feel good

Neuro - Linguistic Programming and Hypnosis are gentle, powerful tools to help you take charge of your thoughts to discover your own personal potential. Create positive changes and learn to integrate your beliefs and intentions with the actions that you take.

At NLP Insights we pay attention to the stories of your life. Through the telling and the re-telling of these stories you will learn to deconstruct limiting thoughts and beliefs and develop a clearer understanding of what you want and how you want to live your life.

NLP Insights offers a warm and caring space to share these stories of your life.

Sometimes you know what you want to change and sometimes not. Connect with your inner knowledge and build the bridge from what is known and familiar to what is possible. Become part of a community of strong, confident women who are creating vibrant, healthy relationships with themselves and others. It takes courage to change.

Celebrate your whole self.


"Words can't begin to describe my gratitude. Your kindness, understanding and guidance have helped me achieve miracles that I never thought could happen. Thanks for everything and most of all for always believing in me!"

A.H. - Hamilton

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